Formed in January of 2013 in KCMO, Gekko is a tight group with an unusually strong chemistry.  With musical influences ranging from funk and soul to heavy metal and every thing in between, Gekko is a melting pot of different sounds. Dedicated to their craft, they strive for an intense live show. 

          Gekko's first studio album: "A Gecko Named Terrance" (2014), marks humble beginnings for the band and a search for their sound (and name). Funky bridges with intricate melodies, followed by sweeping chorus' makes for an incredible music experience. The transition of sounds between funk, to rock, to jazz, to postmodern, tied together by a fat bass, a soothing guitar, and a high rainfall of pitter-patter drums, give this album a thick airiness. Provoked by confidence edged with self-doubt, and fueled by angst, Gekko's first " ...record has the ultimate way of convincing you to just relax.”.

          While Gekko’s first album may allow you to relax, their live show is nothing of the sort. The groovy, hard hitting, make-ya-booty-want-to-move funk that Gekko lays down has quickly made a name for themselves in their hometown’s of Lawrence, KS and Kansas City, MO. Their live performances are a combination of structured composition and free formed improvisation. Proficient with their instruments, Gekko introduces new concepts and melodies into their improvs with ease. Drifting in and out of thought-out melodic tunes and face-melting psychedelic improvisation, this band will keep you on your toes. Word of their one of a kind boogie parties has spread around the midwest, landing them a second home in many surrounding cities and states. All performances are guaranteed to be a one of a kind party; and with that Gekko built their church. 

         In 2015 Gekko accomplished a lot for a group of guys who weren’t even old enough to buy a beer. They played countless shows and festivals across the midwest and even found themselves opening for some of their favorite bands including: Wookiefoot, Twiddle, The Werks, Moon Hooch, and The Main Squeeze just to name a few. In addition, Gekko secured a spot at the 2015 Wakarusa Music Festival, making them the youngest band of the entire festival. A new year brings new changes, bringing in Will Henderson, Colin Ford and Chako Finn; the band continues to hone in on new sounds and ideas into their already extensive catalog of music. Gekko is more focused and motivated than ever before, there is no telling how much they’ll accomplish in 2016.